New tool, don't know
VR2023 special JH tool
VR2023 special JH tool
HJ18 JH special tool
HJ18 JH special tool
VR2043 JH special tool
PT0026 JH special tool
VR2050 JH special tool
PT0014/5 JH special tool
PT0013 AH special tool
Z8391 JH special tool Pinion Bearing measuring jig
RG482 JH special tool
RG62 JH special tool
VR2026 JH special tool
VR2101 JH special tool
JH subframe
JH front passenger side fender NEW
JH various control cables
JH Steering boots
control cable
JH chrome pieces
JH new chrome part
Looks like parking brake cables
JH bumper and not sure, both are new
JH Flywheel, ring gears
JH Water pump housing
JH front suspension/axle
Exhaust tip, not sure to what car
JH new brake caliper, have 2
JH non locking gas cap
Lucas Ampmeter
New brake caliper
JH Brake hoses, have 4
Brake caliper rebuild kit
Ignition wires
Engine mounts
JH Engine head parts, valves, springs
cigaret lighter NEW
JH Engine head parts, valves, springs
JH Seals
New crank shaft, surface rust
Hood wind shield spray nozzles, key blank, bearings, o-rings
Windshield washer bottle with pump
New JH wheels
tonneau cover, new but some damage
Not sure what, maybe a head liner
Tail or side light
Tail light covers
Tail lights, don't think they are for  JH
Brake booster
Dual ignition coils, not sure if for JH
Dual ignition coils, not sure if for JH
Leather belts, not sure what to
3 surpentine belts
Various rubber, door gaskets? roof??
Windshield wipers and arms, 4 of each
Water pump housing, 1 new, 1 used. new impeller and shaft/bearings
JH Brake calipers
Window regulator
JH clutch and pressure plate
JH clutch and pressure plate
sway bar
wheel shaft, new
JH Rack and pinion steering, looks new but not sure
Front discs, rear drum
3 sets of standard piston rings
official part catalog with price list from 1974
Here are Jensen-Healey parts I'm selling for a friend.  I'd like to sell them as one lot.  Please make an offer. 

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